So what's next - What do we do ?


Your wedding Photographs are online within 7 days of your wedding - they will stay live for 30 days, this should give you time to show your family and friends and allow them to make their purchases.


Well its easy - for speed and convenience you can simply use our system to mark your favourite ones ( i use approximately 90 -100 images in your album - most couples mark their fav's and i will select the rest) - we ask you to do this within the 30 days of them being online

Once you have chosen them, simple email me to let me know - then i will design your album layouts and send to you via PDF to check things over. At this point i will send you colour choices for your album for you to choose a colour scheme and any personalisation .

We also ask if Parents would like duplicate albums or sets of 8 mini albums for friends.

Once you approve your wedding Album design it takes 5 weeks for our fabulous Italian team to hand manufacture your book to give you years of fantastic memories.


You can also consider any prints you might want to keep - or a nice wall print or canvas to show off in pride of place to make a statement in your home.