May I offer you some advice for your understanding of how our professional industry can benefit you and how to avoid any pitfalls of booking the wrong photographer.

1. Research your photographers.

2. Do not just email asking a price as that is just a starting place and tells you nothing about what value you get for your investment. Good photographers may spend in total 4- 5 days working on your wedding between attendance, appointments , editing , album designs and the standards vary.

3. Visit the photographer get to know them - look at their body of work - one or two images on Facebook, a website gallery is not a full representation of what they do - it could be merely the "lucky shots". Ask to see a few finished albums so that you get a better idea of their skill.

Recommendations are great but the choice might be someone who has different tastes, standards or expectations than you - so my advice is to narrow down a few even at different price points and go and visit more than one so you can see the differences in what you will end up with.

4. Ask what you get for your investment - see the quality of it - please remember that from your entire budget of your wedding , your images ARE the only visible and lasting reminder while the other pieces have been binned or boxed.

5. Get to know them as they will be your memory maker, your wedding co-ordinate and your entertainer for the main part of the day and if they are sufficiently experienced they will ensure your wedding day is stress free and your experience is enjoyable.

So when meeting your photographer get what suits your needs but if you want quality and experience, as with anything in life quality is usually a little more expensive but in the long run - priceless.